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Informatization means increasingly high-speed and large-capacity operations, and its foundation is built on communications supported by precise, highly reliable power sources used in equipment and facilities that link the world together, including mobile communications and data centers.


Parallel redundant operation type uninterruptible power supplies

Electric specification (UPS standalone performance)

Rated capacity 30kVA~200kVA
AC input Wire connection/Rated voltage Three-phase three-wire 200V
Voltage fluctuation range ±10%
Input power factor 0.97or higher
Relative harmonic content 5%or less (at rated input/output)
Frequency 50/60Hz ±5%
AC output Rated voltage Three-phase three-wire 200V/210V/220V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
(automatic selection according to input frequency)
Constant-voltage precision Within ±2.0%
Voltage fluctuation range ±5%
Constant-frequency precision 0.1%(at free-running)
Waveform distortion rate 2.5%or less (linear load)
6%or less (nonlinear load)
Overload capacity 120% 1minute 150% 2seconds
Transient variation Sudden load change(0←→100%)・
Power feeding switching(at rated input/output) Within±7%
Power failure/power recovery/sudden input change Within±3%
Sync range Voltage:±10%
Frequency:Select from±1%、±2%、±3%
Other Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Operation system Commercial sync/on-line type feeding system

48V-50A unit

Electric specification (characteristics of mass-produced rectifier)

Item Rating and characteristics Notes
Model Rating Continuous  
Conversion method High frequency
Switching method
Cooling method Air-cooling without blower  
AC input Number of phases  
Rated voltage 200V  
Voltage fluctuation range 180V ~ 220V  
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz  
Frequency fluctuation range 47Hz ~ 53Hz
57Hz ~ 63Hz
Power factor 98%or higher At rated input/output
High-frequency noise VC CI Class A Conforming
DC output Rated voltage 51.29V



MSE accumulator
23 cells
MSE accumulator
24 cells
MSE accumulator
25 cells
Voltage adjustment range ±3%or higher At rated operation
Constant-voltage precision within±1%  
Rated current 50A  
Current fluctuation range 0A ~ 50A  
Maximum current limiting 110%or less  
Efficiency 88%or higher At rated input/output
Ripple voltage 200mVp-p or less  
Psophometric voltage 2mVor less When accumulator is not connected
Dielectric strength Withstand voltage 3MΩ or higher  
input and output
input and ground
output and ground
Other Current-balance function Yes At parallel operation
Block diode Yes  


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