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Given the growing concern and demand for the protection of personal information in all sectors of society, Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Kyosan”) has established a privacy policy in relation to the personal information of customers and business affiliates being obtained in the course of carrying out our business (hereafter “Personal Information”). Kyosan will ensure the implementation and maintenance of the privacy policy as well as carry out continuous efforts for the improvement and enhancement of the protection of Personal Information.

  1. 1.Kyosan will comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, guidelines and mandates and other applicable regulations and standards. Therefore, Kyosan will separately establish the “Regulations on the Handling of Personal Information” and develop independent rules and systems. Kyosan will further ensure that the Regulations will be thoroughly known and complied with by all company executives (including any other equivalent persons), employees (including employees on probation, seconded employees, subcontractors, and part-time employees), and all temporary employees of Kyosan (collectively referred to as “employees, etc.”)
  2. 2.In order to prevent loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of personal data, Kyosan will establish provisions in relation to security management measures in the “Regulations on the Handling of Personal Information,” and implement appropriate and reasonable security management measures from organizational, personnel, physical and technical aspects.
    In case of leakage, damage or defamation of personal data, Kyosan will notify such incident promptly to the harmed person (including putting the matter in a readily accessible condition for the harmed person) as well as implement appropriate remedial measures and corrective measures.
  3. 3.Kyosan will obtain Personal Information by appropriate and fair means. In addition, Kyosan will not obtain Personal Information in due consideration without prior approval of the individual to whom the information belongs, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
  4. 4.When using the Personal Information, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, Kyosan will comply with the scope of purpose of use as clarified when obtaining the information. The purpose of use of the Personal Information is provided in Exhibit 1 “Purpose of Use of Personal Information at Kyosan.”
    In the event of changes in the purpose of use, Kyosan will not change the purpose of use beyond the scope in which it is deemed reasonable, i.e. that the changed purpose of use is relevant to the original purpose of use. When obtaining the Personal Information, or when changing the purpose of use, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, Kyosan will clarify the purpose of use.
  5. 5.Kyosan will not disclose personal data to the third party except for the following cases:
    1)if prior approval from the individual is obtained;
    2)if required by laws and regulations;
    3)if provided or disclosed to the subcontractors only to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purpose of use;
    4)if provided in line with business succession by merger or other reasons;
    5)if the Personal Information is to be jointly used.
    When jointly using the Personal Information, the following matters will be notified to the individual in advance or be put in a readily accessible condition for the individual.
    (a) the fact that the Personal Information is to be used jointly;
    (b) items of the personal data to be jointly used;
    (c) the scope that is jointly used;
    (d) purpose of use by the user;
    (e) name and address of the person who will be responsible for the management of the personal data, and in the case of an organization, the name of its representative
    The joint use with each of our group companies is provided in Exhibit 2 “Joint Use of Personal Data with Group Companies.”
  6. 6.When Kyosan assigns the handling of personal data, Kyosan will designate an assignor whom Kyosan acknowledges that the personal data will be handled appropriately. Kyosan will require the assignor to handle personal data appropriately in accordance to agreements, etc., and will periodically confirm the status of the data management.
  7. 7.When Kyosan is requested by the owner of the Personal Information in relation to the personal data owned by Kyosan, to notify, disclose, correct, etc. the purpose of use (correct, add, delete), cease the use, etc. (cease the use, delete) or cease to provide to a third party (hereafter, “request for disclosure, etc.”), upon confirming the identity of the owner, Kyosan will correspond to the request, provided that there are no reasonable grounds to refuse such request.
    In addition, for inquiries, complaints, consultation, or instructions on how to request disclosure, etc., in relation to the Personal Information of the individual, please contact the following. We will make every effort to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.
    Personal Information Protection Help Desk, General Affairs Department, Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +81-45-503-8100
  8. 8.For specific personal information (i.e. the Social Security and Tax Number, etc.), Kyosan will separately establish the “Regulations on the Handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.” and handle the information appropriately. For inquiries, complaints or consultation, etc. in relation to the specific personal information, etc. please contact the following.
    Personnel Department, Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +81-45-503-8101

October 1, 2022
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