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Wide-area Management to Provide Both Safety and Comfort to Drivers

Road Traffic Control Systems collect and analyze driving information of vehicles in the area, perform the optimal traffic signal control in accordance with the constantly changing road traffic situation, and provide useful traffic information to drivers based on the data collected. Ensuring a smooth traffic flow by shortening the driving time of vehicles and reducing the number of times vehicles come to a halt will lead to benefits such as a reduction in road traffic accidents and a decrease in air pollution, which will in turn make a significant contribution to a safe and comfortable road traffic environment. Recently, Kyosan has provided the Kochi Prefectural Police Department and the Toyama Prefectural Police Department with a host system for the traffic management center in accordance with the standardization specifications of the National Police Agency. The host system is one of the core systems of the traffic management center. Based on the road traffic data collected by vehicle sensors, the host system controls and monitors the traffic signals. The center has also introduced traffic display boards using our proprietary DLP® (Digital Light Processing) projectors that allow for a colorful display of information.

Control Center

Traffic Control Center, Kochi Prefectural Police Department

Traffic Control Center, Toyama Prefectural Police Department


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