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Corporate Governance Kyosan Corporate Code of Conduct / Action Guideline

Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co. and its affiliates aim to become a reliable company that creates and improves safety and security for the people. Toward this end, we will contribute in the improvement of social comfort through constant dedication to the development of new technologies, and attain traffic and lifeline safety through providing products and services that match the needs of our customers.
As good corporate citizens, we will always maintain "honesty, high ethics," and a "strong sense of responsibility and involvement" in all of our business dealings, and we will act proactively with the awareness for "innovative ideas meeting challenge" and "speed and consistency." We shall execute the practice of this corporate code of conducts by leading by example as one of our most important responsibilities, and will promulgate these principles to all employees, thereby infusing a spirit of cooperation and harmony throughout the organization. We will strive to build a corporate foundation that is flexible in its response to various management crises through full internal control, while exerting the utmost effort toward the permanent ongoing development of the enterprise, making positive contributions to the community and maintaining the confidence of our customers.

We shall therefore

1. [Put our customers first]

We shall do everything in our power to provide products and implement services that will achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. All of our business activities shall be constantly steeped in the concept of 'put our customers first'.

2. [Constantly Innovate]

We shall constantly strive to develop and advance leading edge technologies that will help to make products that are highly functional, of the highest quality, and that are friendly to the environment and people, while protecting and enhancing our intellectual properties.

3. [Comply to Law]

We shall engage only in business activities that are fair, sound, legal and ethical, and fully compliant with the applicant laws and regulations and the highest principles of ethics and social mores.

4. [Engage in Fair Business Practices]

We shall endeavor to follow sound business practices in all of our business areas, to be fair and transparent at all times, and to conduct appropriate business dealings. We shall maintain sound and normal relationships with politicians and government administrations and take a firm stand against antisocial forces.

5. [Provide Proactive Disclosure]

We shall provide proactive disclosure of all our business activities to our shareholders and to everyone affiliated with our company in a timely manner, in order to be an "open and trustworthy company."

6. [Respect Individual Employee]

We shall endeavor to ensure that all employees are respected as individuals and, by so doing, create a rich, abundant, workplace that provides satisfaction and a deep sense of fulfillment for all employees.

7. [Be a Good Corporate Citizen]

We shall contribute to society through first and foremost being a good corporate citizen in all of our business undertakings.

8. [Manage Risk]

In regard to significant management risks including catastrophic disasters and accidents, we shall endeavor to take preventive and predictive measures; and at the same time, to build an structure to prevent the occurrence and expansion of loss.

9. [Protect the Environment and the Planet]

We shall endeavor to implement eco-friendly policies that will help bring about a society that is gentle to the earth and to the people living in it.

We shall implement these principles on an ongoing basis, reviewing them when appropriate to respond to changing social, economic, business and environmental factors.

Revised: April 1, 2009



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