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Railway Signaling Solutions Level Crossing Control Equipment

This equipment protects pedestrians and vehicles passing through a level crossing from collisions with trains. Accidents at level crossings account for a significant number of railway accidents, and these accidents, if they occur, have a serious impact. We supply various level crossing protection equipment for the safe and stable operations of trains.

Level Crossing Barriers

These machines prevent passage across the railway tracks from the time that the train is approaching until it has passed. We offer a range of models depending on the width of the area to be blocked and the installation environment.

WS-Type Level Crossing Barriers

Level Crossing Obstruction Detector

Detects an obstruction on the level crossing while the warning is in operation and activates the Obstruction Warning Device for Level Crossing to prevent a collision with the train.

HB-Type Level Crossing Obstruction Detector

Laser Sensor Level Crossing Obstruction Detector

Level Crossing Warning Device

This device alternately flashes two red lights and sounds an alarm to alert passersby of the approach and passing of a train.


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