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Traffic Management Solutions Transmission system

Our traffic control system links a traffic control center (central device) to signal devices and other terminal devices installed roadside through a variety of different communication methods to monitor and control terminal devices, and gather and provide information.
While conventional system primarily used analog telephone lines, the spread of the Internet and smartphones has helped drive a shift toward IP network-compatible communication methods.

UD-type terminal line consolidated device

This is a transmission device with router functionality that accommodates multiple terminal devices by connecting with terminal correspondence devices over a wide-area Ethernet, LTE/5G, or a LAN (Ethernet).

UD-type transmitter/receiver unit

This is a transmitter/receiver unit that accommodates a single terminal by connecting with the terminal correspondence device over a wide-area Ethernet, LTE/5G, or a LAN (Ethernet). It can accommodate light beacons and other speed detectors under the signal controller.

Inter-terminal wireless communications device

This allows for communications between terminal devices on the 920 MHz radio band. Sensor contact information can also be communicated on the same wireless connection (between the traffic signal controller and the sensor).


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