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1. Management Objectives

Grow steadily by establishing a flexible and robust corporate culture capable of withstanding changes in the environment while contributing to the enhancement of convenience of society and gaining the trust of our customers and all our stakeholders with our advanced technologies and services that play a role in the stability of traffic and lifelines and an advanced information society.

2. Quality Policy

In order to achieve the above management objectives, we will establish a quality management system that meets these requirements, and set forth the Quality Policy as below.

Based on the slogan,

“We are committed to placing ‘quality first’ and will provide quality that gains the trust and satisfaction of our customers,”
  1. We will grasp and analyze customer needs accurately, constantly provide customer satisfaction, and strive for corporate activities focusing on ensuring quality that meets our customers’ trust.
  2. We will establish quality targets, adhere to the PDCA cycle, and strive to achieve quality improvements.
  3. We will promptly seek out the cause of any nonconformity with customers’ requirements, and work on substantive improvements.
  4. We will conduct management reviews, and work to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system.

We will inform and disseminate this Quality Policy to every employee, and review its contents for the purpose of sustainability.

October 11, 2017
Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President and COO Tsutomu Tokodai



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