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Railway Signaling Solutions Interlocking Equipment

Interlocking equipment controls the route of trains and vehicles within stations or at depots to ensure safe movement. It creates a synergic relationship between equipment such as signals and points to ensure the safe route of the train.

Relay Interlocking Equipment

An all-electric means of controlling the interlocking between signals and points using logic circuits consisting of a combination of relays.

SQR-77MTC Sequence Recorder with Maintenance Console

Electronic Interlocking Equipment

A computerized software system for controlling interlocking between signals and points. Creating a contactless system between the logic circuits and the input/output circuits enables the creation of compact equipment and reduces maintenance.

Centralized Electronic Interlocking System

A set of electronic interlocking logic bays installed at the base stations are connected to electronic terminals installed at each interlocking station by means of a fail-safe transmission circuit, allowing centralized control of the entire section.
The simple system configuration, including the lack of need for interlocking logic bays to be installed at each station, makes this an economical system with good maintainability.


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