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Kyosan’s information systems provide easy-to-understand information displayed in universal designs in public facilities such as stations, airports and funeral halls, using optimal display devices for the installation location and application.

Passenger Information Display Devices

Display easy-to-understand important information in real time.

Passenger information display devices provide easy-to-understand information to passengers using a combination of information display and audio announcements depending on the installation location, such as stations, airports and bus terminals, and application. The information displays are based on universal designs, and can also provide information on events and nearby facilities.

Railway Passenger Information Systems

Train Information Display System (TIDS)

Flight Information Systems

Bus Terminal Information Systems

Media Wall

Multilingual Information applying “OMOTENASHI GUIDE”

“OMOTENASHI GUIDE” is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

Double-sided Outdoor Liquid Crystal Displays

Congestion Status Display by Image Analysis

Funeral Hall Display Systems

Automated guidance for mourners in accordance with the progression of the service and assignment of the funeral hall equipment in use.

Funeral Hall Display Systems


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