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These products are designed to ensure passenger safety, by automatically controlling the train speed or bringing trains to a halt, preventing rear-end collisions and derailments.

Automatic Train Control Device (ATC)

ATC is a device that receives speed information (ATC signal) from the track circuit on which the train is traveling and automatically decelerates the train to the permissible speed if the train is travelling at a speed that exceeds the maximum limit allowable at that moment at that section.

SINPLII-Type ATC Equipment/Train Detection Equipment

Onboard Computing ATC System

New ATC Architecture using Digital and Analog Technologies

Current Train Model

Current Single Control using AM Waveform

New Train Model

Main Onboard or Lineside Control Using Digital Waveform

Integrated ATC Onboard Equipment

Automatic Train Stop Device (ATS)

This device automatically applies the brakes to prevent a collision with a train ahead if a train ignores or misidentifies a stop signal and continues moving in a forward direction.

C-ATS(Continuous/Common/Control-Automatic Train Stop) Equipment

Integrated ATS (K Type)

iQ-Type ATS-PN Onboard Equipment with Transponder

Integrated ATS Onboard Equipment (Ps Type)

ATS-PF Onboard Equipment

ATS-P(N)Wayside Coil

Automatic Train Operating Device (ATO)

This device operates a train in place of a human driver and is used for unattended or single-driver train operations. In unattended operations, the device automatically controls both the operation of the train from when it begins running until it arrives and comes to a halt at the station, and the opening and closing of the train doors and platform doors.

Overrun-protection System (ORS)

This system is installed at the end of the track (dead-end) and prevents derailment if the train travels past the stopping point.

Communications-based Train Control (CBTC) System

This is a train control system using radio to achieve a significant reduction in signaling equipment and labor savings. One of these systems, the IT-ATP, has been adopted in an overseas APM system.


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