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Corporate Governance Social Media Policy

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Group hereby establishes and complies with the policy concerning the use of social media as described below:

Compliance with laws and regulations and internal rules, and the code of conduct

In using social media, officers and employees of Kyosan Group and other interested persons shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the Kyosan Corporate Code of Conduct / Action Guideline and other internal rules of Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., conduct ourselves in a disciplined manner as a good corporate citizen not to deviate from sound social norms, take responsibility for our own actions, and make our best efforts to transmit information in a proper manner.

Self-awareness and responsibility for the information transmitted and handling of information

In using social media, we transmit information in a cautious manner, as we are fully aware that the information transmitted on the Internet can be accessed by the general public and that the Information cannot be deleted completely once transmitted. Furthermore, we also pay due attention and act responsibly not to harm any copyrights, portrait rights, third party’s reputation by defamation and/or any other rights.
We will also be careful not to cause any misunderstanding with the awareness that transmission of information by each one of us has the power to increase or decrease the evaluation of a third party or any person.

Use of social media by Kyosan Group’s employees and interested persons

We have established guidelines concerning the use of social media for officers and employees of Kyosan Group and other interested persons.

To our customers and users of social media

Any information transmitted by Kyosan Group’s employees and interested persons on any social media is not published by Kyosan Group.
All official announcements by Kyosan Group are published on our website ( or press release.

April 1, 2019



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