Privacy PolicyJoint Use of Personal Data with Group Companies

(Exhibit 2)

Kyosan may jointly use the obtained personal data with each of our group companies.

  1. 1.Personal data items for joint use
    (1) Name
    (2) Date of birth
    (3) Gender
    (4) Name of Company
    (5) Address
    (6) Telephone number
    (7) Fax number
    (8) Email address
    (9) Information in relation to personnel matters (*)
    * Kyosan may jointly use all the personal data items that are obtained by each of the group companies, provided, however, that Kyosan will use to the minimum extent necessary for the purpose of use as provided in 3.
  2. 2.Group companies in joint use
    The information will be in joint use with the following Kyosan’s group companies.
    -Kyosan Seiki Co., Ltd.
    -Kyosan Electrical Construction & Engineering Service Co.,Ltd.
    -Kyosan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    -Kyosan Power Supply Co., Ltd.
    -Actes Kyosan inc.
  3. 3.Purpose of joint use
    The same purpose of use as stipulated in “Purpose of Use of Personal Information at Kyosan.”
  4. 4.Person responsible for the management of personal data

    29-1, 2-chome, Heian-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, 230-0031 Japan
    Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
    Representative Director, President,CEO Ryoji Kunisawa


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