KYOSAN-connecting the world

“Kyosan India Private Limited” is the Indian subsidiary of the top signal system manufacturer in Japan, “Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”

Since its establishment in 1917, guided by the watchwords “Safety” and “Reliability”, Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been providing “Railway Signal Systems”, “Road Traffic Control Systems” and “Semiconductor-based Power Converters”.These products are connecting human and society.

The technologies of Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which support Japanese railway operation with “High Speed” and “Safety”, are highly reputed in global market also. Only such high technologies enable attentive care and innovation complying with the conditions of each country.The development of new products is the bridge to connect people, society and the earth.

We, Kyosan India Private Limited, consider our mission to supply the products of Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ld. who dedicates unceasing effort to the development of new technologies that enable “Safety” and “Reliability” in a people-friendly and environment-friendly manner and attain traffic and lifeline safety, and enhance the convenience in society.

Kyosan India Private Limited looks forward to serving you.

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