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Our Approach to Society Promotion of Diversity

Acceptance of languages, customs and cultures is essential in harnessing the energy and advancement of globalization. Kyosan promotes diversity as an indispensable element in its continuing growth and development. In order to ensure that individual employees can perform to their full potential, Kyosan fully respects individual circumstances, values, careers and life stages, and promotes an environment which allows for diversified ways of working.

Promotion of Work Life Balance (creating a worker-friendly environment)

In order to ensure that each and every employee with diverse values and backgrounds can perform to their full potential, we strive to create a worker-friendly environment with due regard for work life balance. As part of efforts to create a climate where employees can work healthily and energetically, Kyosan complies with labor-related laws in each country, including laws covering working hours, and is also promoting collaboration between labor and management to restrict long working hours and encourage annual paid leave.

Outline of initiatives relating to childbirth, childcare and nursing care

Childbirth and Childcare
Childcare leave systemUp to the age of 3
Shortened working-hour system for childcareUntil the child graduates from elementary school
Paid leave for sick child5 days per annum per child (maximum 10 days)* May be taken in half-day increments.
Nursing care
Nursing-care leave systemTotal of 3 years per person (1,095 days)
Nursing-care leave systemTotal of 3 years per person (1,095 days) Nursing care leave 5 days per annum per person (maximum 10 days) * May be taken in half-day increments.
Shortened working-hour system for nursing careMaximum 3 years per family member

Extension of the Retirement Age to 65 (towards an active role for all)

Kyosan and its group companies within Japan have extended the retirement age for employees from 60 to 65 years of age, effective April 1, 2019. The age limit for continued employment after the retirement age has accordingly been raised to 70 years of age.
This extension of the retirement age was previously announced internally and externally as one of the projects undertaken to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding in 2017. By maintaining an environment where employees can make full use of their diverse experiences, we will drive the further advance of the Group.

Development of global human resources

In order to “transform into a company with a global perspective,” Kyosan will accelerate initiatives to develop global human resources who respect not only language skills but the cultures of all countries.

Support of women’s social advancement

For Kyosan to further develop as a company, we must broaden the areas where women are able to advance and demonstrate their abilities to an even greater extent. We have established a plan of action for general employers, based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace, and are implementing measures with the aim of creating an environment where all women who wish to be active can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities.

1.Plan period

October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2024

2.Our challenges
  1. (1)Few women apply for technical jobs, and we have few female technical personnel.
  2. (2)We have few female managers.
Goals, initiatives and implementation period
Goal 1: Ensure female recruits comprise on average at least 25% of all graduate recruitments during the plan period.


We will implement the following initiatives to increase applications from female science students.

  • - From October 2019, implement company information sessions targeting female science students.
  • - From October 2019, further strengthen promotion targeting female science students in collaboration with universities, increase the prominence of active female employees in company brochures etc., and further strengthen active public relations activities targeting students.
  • - From July 2020, implement visits by employees to their alma mater research labs, as well as discussions etc. with students.
Goal 2: Ensure female managers comprise on average at least 5% of all management staff during the plan period.


We will implement the following initiatives to increase the placement of female employees across all divisions and departments.

  • - From October 2019, introduce telecommuting and similar measures to help employees balance the demands of work and parenting.
  • - From April 2020, strengthen the mid-career recruitment of women.
  • - From October 2020, increase female participation in our leader development program.

Promotion of employment of persons with disabilities

In order to broaden the potential for persons with disabilities, Kyosan is actively engaged in endeavors including collaborations with special support schools and Hello Work. We are strengthening our efforts to promote the further deployment of persons with disabilities.



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