Greetings Taking on the challenge of making dreams reality President & COO Tsutomu Tokodai

Since our founding in 1917, our path as a leading manufacturer of signal systems has been based on "Safety" and "Reliability." Today, in addition to our core signal systems and power electronics businesses, we are expanding into a broad array of business endeavors, including barrier-free and security systems and the environment and energy fields.

As we aim for further globalization, we hope to realize our "Dream" of having the signal system technology and power control technology that we have nurtured over the years be of service in countries around the world and be recognized as "the world's safest signal system" and "the world's most environmentally-friendly power system."

Through our business, we are deeply involved in public safety and public service; accordingly, to achieve our "Dream," we are committed to the development of new technologies that enable "Safety" and "Reliability" in a people-friendly and environmentally-friendly manner. We consider our mission to be the attainment of traffic and lifeline safety, and enhancement of convenience in society.

While a higher measure of accountability, transparency, and propriety is being demanded of corporate management from all areas of society, drastic changes in the business environment have caused it to be shrouded in complexity and uncertainty. Under such circumstances, it is our corporate duty to manage risks while maintaining the vitality to willfully drive innovations, and aggressively engage in business activities backed by strict observance of compliance.

The company will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017. To commemorate this occasion, we will aim to realize the KYOSAN Vision and continue our progress toward the next 100 years by assuring an appropriate scope of business activities, contributing to society, and always keeping the environment in mind, while making every effort to ensure the enhancement and steady growth of our business and to expand our accomplishments.

Going forward, we intend to do our utmost to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our advanced technologies and high quality assurance, while refining our comprehensive technology and quality assurance based on our continuous technology development, as we move toward realizing our "Dream." KYOSAN looks forward to your continued support and guidance.


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